The grand luanch of the multifacet platform LIDPLUS, took place at White House Restaurant Bamenda, on Sunday 15th March 2020, was an event worth emulating.
It began with a word from the CEO of Lidplus (Jam Golda Futsi) who spoke about the reason for creating Lidplus and also emphasize its aims to help upcoming artists.


After her presentation, the first musical performance of the day was introduced by “Bladex Punk” who set the stage on fire with the track “Mboko.”

Bladex Hip Hop Artist

In a mad rush to trash the main item of the day, the host took the audience straight into Wax Day’s Music Business Session. The Calabash Music boss revealed alot about the industry. But the take home message was, “To succeed in the international market we have to copy what we already have and re-invent”.

“Good artists create, while great artists copy”. Wax Dey.

He quoted some prominent world Musicians who are very successful and this is because they copy from the likes of Fellacuti. He said, the mistake Cameroonian Artists make is they too want to copy from Fellacuti which won’t work. He elaborated on the fact that we have good music veterans in Cameroon that the artists ought to copy from, we should use what we already have. In other words, it’s like bringing the old school into the new school . He made it clear that being unique is not difficult and that Cameroonian artists just have to look for that unique attribute they’ve got and incorporate it into their art.

Music is a business, and artist need to learn how to make money out of their music. Your first role as a musician is not to go into the studio and start recording but to start thinking about the most successful musicians, how they make money, and he gave an overview of how 50 Cent began his music career which was really a source of inspiration .
Another keypoint on Wax’s talk was about record labels. He said being the best record label won’t make you a great artist, it depends on how much efforts you put into being great.
After the music business session, FRANKISH hit the stage with a crowd pulling performance that got everyone wanting more with her sound track “Technical”.

The likes of Princely Noni one of Cameroon’s finest Fashion designer and CEO of Noni White Wears brand and other esteemed guest supported the Launch by cutting and tasting the Lidplus cake which also led to many people registering on the LIDPLUS platform.

Lidplus’ brand ambassador Kammani in two of his sound tracks “Fatima and Crazy Person” got everyone to their feet. A performance which brought us into a Live freestyle session where Ralf instrumentals and Eyo created a beat before everyone and some upcoming artists seized the opportunity to show case their skills.

LIDPLUS is a great step to taking the Cameroon Entertainment industry in general and Music in particular to a whole new level, and its just a matter of time before the Cameroon Music industry tops the global market.

The Launch was organised by Ngoema PR and Aze Management. Pictures of the launch where captured by P-pictures and Red carpet host Toboh Sedrick on 30 minutes with stars showing on Canal 2 English.

By Meme Palmer #Ngoema PR

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